Methods to Uninstall TunnelBear on Mac pc

The process to take out TunnelBear is different than those of the Microsoft windows operating system. With respect to Mac users, uninstalling a credit application can be a little more difficult, but the procedure is still relatively simple. First, you must stop using the app after which go to the Applications folder and right-click relating to the X icon. This will immediately start the uninstalling procedure. You do not have to empty the Trash both.

Now, you must choose the corresponding icon to spread out your The control panel. Next, choose the program that you just wish to uninstall, and double-click on it. After that, follow the onscreen instructions to verify the process. Afterward, restart your computer to check that most the files were successfully taken away. You may have to seek out any leftover files or even just go back to the publisher’s website. Finally, you should try to find the publisher’s name and restart your pc.

Once the software has been entirely uninstalled, navigate to the Applications file in your Mac. Click on the TunnelBear icon and select “uninstall. inches It will probably appear in checklist. Once the plan is taken away, click on the Check Leftover option to find virtually any remaining data files. Once you have deleted the TunnelBear application, you must see the app’s icon in your Connect. Then, pick the Trash and empty that. After you’ve accomplished the steps to uninstall TunnelBear, make sure you reboot your computer your computer.